Waiting at the Station

Waiting at the station, waiting on my own

In anticipation, for a train to come

Waiting at the station, all alone

Waiting for a train to take me home

Taking me home to see my family

Taking me home to see my kin

Taking me home to ask for forgiveness

Wiping my slate till it’s clean again


Riding on a train, southbound line

Memories flashing past, like they’re out of time

Things that I’m not proud of, to be laid to rest

Deep in my subconscious, in lead lined chest

Going home to see my lover

Too many years we’ve grown apart

Going home to see my mother

Going home to make a brand new start


Pull into a station, my time is drawing near

With intrepidation, I shed a lonely tear

Rejection is the one thing, I don’t think I could take

Maybe this whole journey was just a great mistake.

What if they don’t believe in redemption?

What if they don’t forgive the things I’ve done?

Seven years of incarceration

What if prison is my only home?

Waiting at the station, end of platform three

Is a delegation, waiting there for me

There’s my joyful mother and there’s my wife

Welcoming me to start a brand new life

Waiting at the station