Meet the Band

The Fools on the Hill are a five piece band based around Windmill Hill in the South of Bristol.

They are:

Paul Marshall – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Richard Edwards – Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar

Lucy Sansom – Piano, Keyboards, vocals

Jonathan Westrup – Bass Guitar, Drums, Vocals

Ed Burgess – Drums

The Fools were formed in 2008 when Paul and Richard were introduced to each other and together formed a duet to lead worship songs in their local church. In 2009 they were joined by Lucy Sansom and vocalist James Marshall (left to pursue a solo career). In 2010 Jonathan Westrup joined the band as the rhythm section and Musical Director followed in January 2015 by Ed Burgess on drums and Jenna Coles on vocals. Following a successful gig at Art On The Hill in October Leonora Cherniavsky joined the band on violin giving the ‘Fool’s Sound” an added depth and versatility. Unfortunately, Jenna Coles had to leave the band in February 2016 due to personal circumstances and now resides ‘up-north’ just shy of the Scottish border. Leonora left in the Summer of 2018.

Just before Jenna left, the band recorded their first mini-album – Bootlegged

Originally the Fools played cover versions of well-known songs with James Marshall fronting the band. When James left in 2009, the remaining members started writing their own material to suit their own particular voices and talents. With Jonathan’s arrival came orchestration and the band’s song-writing improved to the point that they now cringe at some of their early work.

The band’s musical influences are wide and varied and that is reflected in their songs (which Paul refers to as ‘Adult Angst’); from Country, and Western inspired, Won’t Go Back Again’ through Indie inspired, ‘Nowhere to Run’ to Bluesy ‘Pretty Looking Girl.’

The band have played a wide variety of venues including clubs, bars, churches (including Bristol Cathedral & St Mary Redcliffe– nice acoustics), shops, fetes, open-air events and even a boat sailing around Bristol Docks.

They have also played a number of charity gigs and raised money for charities as diverse as Refugee Action, St Peter’s Hospice and Christian Aid.

To book the Fools or for more information, email them at

A big thanks to Ruth Whiter for permission to use her ‘Fools’ sketch. You can see more of Ruth illustrations at