Internet Dating

Poppy looks for Mr Right, finds him on a dating site

Wears her favourite underwear, does her make up and her hair

Slips into a brand new frock, checks the mirror then the clock

Leaves the house and slams the gate, doesn’t want to get there late

She wants love so badly, so deeply, so madly

Frustrated, she’s lonely, she wants her one and only


At the cafe on the hill, her date signals for the bill

It’s a cheap date, he’s such a cheapskate

Then he drives her in his car to seedy local bar

Buys her coke and whiskey, till she’s feeling frisky

Poppy laughs at all his jokes, as she does with all her blokes

She is all to eager, she is far too eager

He’s still one thing up his sleeve, spikes her drink before they leave

He’s chilling and smarmy, she’s willing and barmy

It’s not what Poppy planned. Another one night stand


They go back to Poppy’s place, a wicked smirk upon his face

She takes him by the hand and leads him to his promised land and

As she looks into his eyes he quickly takes her by surprise and

Kissing her sincere and sweetly, she melts and yields completely.

Shedding clothes across the parquet floor, they stumble gamely

through the bedroom door

Basking in the throes of passion, making love in some sort of fashion

Rolling round, upon the bed, there’s nothing ventured, there’s nothing said

Is it love? Poppy is thinking, or is it just the drinking?

Then after, she regrets it, he has gone and promptly legged it

She is feeling used and lonely, till next time’s one and only…