I, l used to be no one, used to have nothing, used to be free

Now, now I have something, I want to go back, to how I used to be

I thought I’d be happy, the more I had, the more I got

But expectations, grew larger and larger, till simple pleasures I forgot


Now, I try to remember, the simple things, I used to do

Like walk, in the lightning and thunder, in a storm, and getting wet right through

Or lying out in the sunshine, in a field, with a cooling breeze

Or on a hot day, drink a glass of iced water, are there any pleasures, better than these.


Dive, dive in the ocean, feeling the chill, as you hit the sea

Smile, with someone that loves you, watching them sleep, watching them eat

A baked potato, on a winter’s night, huddled by fire

A glass of wine, with friends and family, what else could you, possibly desire