Building Bridges

There is something you’re not telling me

As you hide behind denial

Half truths and lies that you’ve been selling me

With a smile, for a while

Your face betrays the words not spoken

Deceit is written in your eyes

Best intentions, cruelly broken

No surprise, no surprise

There is no future

There is no way 

We can continue if all you say is, 

It’s okay, it’s okay



It’s hard to build a bridge when ain’t got something to work with

It’s hard to build a bridge if you don’t know how wide is the span

It’s hard to build a bridge so to speak

If the foundation stone is too weaK

It’s hard to build a bridge, but I’m doing the best that I can


Is it really so hard to talk to me

To form the words you need to say

Putting off inevitability 

To another day, another day

Honesty is the best policy

The world can see there’s something wrong

I’m worried this will be the death of we

So please be strong and play along

No crystal ball

Can read your mind

So spill it all

If you’re inclined, appease my mind