Bed of Nails

Life can be, a bed of nails, on some sunlit dales, if it’s all the same

Sharp and pointed issues form, from the daily norm, without a reference frame

Cutting through external armour

Scourging wounds both deep and wide

Crying out for something calmer

Knowing in your mind, there’s a space to find, a sunny side


Life can be, staring out to sea, on a rickety boat ,with the waves crashing all around me.

Rocking on a swell, spitting back the spray, on a blistering day, with the sun beating down upon me.

Set adrift on stormy waters

Blown away from safety’s shore

Is it hell or an adventure

Having to let go, of everything I know, to then explore.


Every side of life has a reflection

The way you see, it’s just a point of view

Good or bad is your perception

One man’s gristle is another’s man’s barbecue


Life can be, an aeroplane ride, with dark clouds outside, with turbulence rocking the air.

Or gliding through the clouds with a sense of grace, to foreign place,

In a comfortable, reclining armchair.

We’re all strapped in on similar journeys.

Life jacket stored beneath our seat.

The idea is to never use them

Like safety nets, and old regrets, they’re practically obsolete