Another Country

There’s a country that I’m going to

Where the grass is always green

Where there’s always a warm welcome

Sight unseen, sight unseen, sight unseen

There’s a place within that country

Where the water tastes like wine

Where I choose to spend my future

Out of time, out of time, out of time


I’m gonna reach across those boundaries

To that foreign land

I’m searching for adventure

I pray you’ll understand

I’m searching for a reason

Holding back the pain

Waiting for our season to begin again

In that country there is freedom

To be just what I want to be

Free from fear and persecution

Sanctuary, sanctuary, sanctuary


I want to take you to that country

It’s not very hard to find

Search my soul and you will find it

In my mind, in my mind, in my mind

We were asked to play a gig for refugee rights and I wanted us to play something pertinent. The chorus I’d had swimming around in my head since working in Poland many years before. I drew on those memories of living in a foreign land to flesh out the verses along with trying to imagine what it must be like to flee persecution, where a place to live in peace is something you can only dream of. – Paul