You’ll Never Know

You’ll never know what you mean to me

I’ll never show vulnerability

It’s not I’m distant, curt or overbearing

It’s not that I’m wanting you to go

It’s not that I’ve suddenly stopped caring

You’ll never know


You’ll never tell the way I feel inside

Deep in my shell is where I go to hide

Someday, something may cause me to open

Like a flower blooming in the snow

When the storm has finally broken

Don’t ask me when, you’ll never know


You’ll never see looking through my eyes

The fragility of my disguise

It’s not that I’m secretive and or deceiving

It’s not that I don’t want us to grow

It’s not that seeing something is believing

You’ll never know


You’ll never view, what’s beyond my door

Betrayal so cruel, of one who passed before

Memories isolated or deleted

From my consciousness and so

To stop a broken heart being repeated

You’ll never know


How much I love you so

How much I love you so

You’ll never know