Windmill Hill

There’s a guy sat in the windmill sitting in the picture window

Sipping coffee as the world walks by and hours tick away

But he doesn’t seem to notice, ‘cos he’s quite chilled out and happy

As he reads the latest headlines from the paper for that day.

On Windmill Hill


There’s a girl that’s been in battle with the hoards that swarm to Asda

But the trophies in her basket says she’s passed the test and won.

Now she wanders past the Windmill grinning like a Cheshire cat

And she’s feeling quite elated though her shopping weighs a tonne.

On Windmill Hill



On Windmill Hill the sun reflects the pastel coloured houses

And the people smile and greet each other in familiar ways

And the sound of children laughing as they run around the playground

Is an omen that the people here are in for better days.

On Windmill Hill.


On Windmill Hill the park is always open for the joggers

Being chased by lots of dogs their owners let off of their leads

In the background is the clattering and sound of squealing brakes

As yet another speeding train approaches Bristol Temple Meads

On Windmill Hill


At Mrs Browns the café they are gathering for their breakfast

With their pushchairs and their buggies parked beneath the rustling trees.

And families with their picnics sit and talk about the weather

While their kids are playing football in the warm and gentle breeze.

On Windmill Hill




The vicar of S Michaels opens up the church each Sunday

For the faithful to come in to worship, celebrate and pray.

And through the week the church becomes a place where people meet

And after school, the Moose Club, where the children come to laugh and play.

On Windmill Hill


Each day you see the parents drop their children at the school

Where they will often spend an hour talking outside at the gate

And suddenly they have to rush to something they’ve forgotten

And already they are running almost fifteen minutes late.

On Windmill Hill




On Windmill Hill

On Windmill Hill

We’ll all have better days on Windmill Hill