The Valley Below

Hate divides and conquers down in the valley below

Driving us all bonkers even so 

Fear of consequences screams for more control  

Strengthening defences under fire… in the valley below


Hate crimes are proceeding down in the valley below

Despite incessant pleading even so

Devoid of all compassion with each successive blow 

The scars from the division are on show… in the valley below


I don’t understand why the final demand is to drag me through the mud and the grime

I don’t really see why the autocracy being challenged is a treasonous crime

I can’t find the words to portray, my sense of horror at the end of the day

As my life just ebbs away like a nasty little rash over time… in the valley below


They’ve taken my possessions down in the valley below

Accepting no concessions even so

No negotiations, I’ve nothing left to show

I’m forced to new locations far away… from the valley below