Unrequited Love

Sitting close to you completes me

I pray to god you’ll always stay

Catching your eye discretely

Sets me up to face the day

I cannot resist you

The buzz and the thrill

The words don’t exist to

Express the way I feel



Unrequited love for you consumes me

Unrequited love for you’s not fair

Unrequited love for you assumes we

Pretend the love I have for you’s not there.


Walking down a street beside you

Makes me feel I’m ten feet tall

Everyone we meet smiles at you

They never notice me at all

What is the attraction?

This hold over me

This chemical reaction

From which I can’t break free




Watching you so free and easy

Dancing to a favourite tune

Wishing you were trying to please me

Knowing it’ll end too soon

It is so frustrating

How can I get you to

Start reciprocating

The way I feel for you