Sophie and the Whippet

Sophie and the Whippet walk past me every day

I try to catch eye, but Sophie always looks away 

She never says, ‘Hello’

Sophie’s got a secret she hides it very well

I’d like to know her better for a little kiss and tell, 

But no, she doesn’t want to know

Sophie’s got a secret and cannot tell a human soul

Sophie isn’t happy she’s got herself into a hole

Out of control


Sophie and the Whippet why don’t you open up to me

Just give me a minute and Sophie I will set you free

I could show you Sophie what you were really meant to be

But you won’t see, opportunity, in a drunk like me.


Sophie and the Whippet has darkness in her eyes

I know what’s in her closet, I know about the wheres and whys

That causes her distress

Sophie’s got a fella that hits her every night

Her make-up covers bruises and keeps them out public sight

Or they’re hidden by her dress

Sophie I could help you, if you would only let me in

Forget my rough appearance and coppers sitting in my tin

And look within


Sophie and the Whippet I feel the need to rescue you 

To find a place of refuge and safety I can take you to

I could help you find, the peace of mind you’re overdue

But it’s quite clear, you’d prefer fear, than talk to me.


Sophie and the Whippet please tell me what you’ve got to lose

Sophie we have reached the moment when you’ve got to choose

Next time he could kill you by escalating the abuse

So leave him now, anyhow, and walk with me.