Pretty Looking Girl

Pretty looking girl sitting on a beach,

Looking out to sea, looking out of reach

Shades on your head, book by your side

Focussing on nothing, but the ever ebbing tide

Pretty looking girl sitting all alone

Rubbing in the lotion, texting on your phone

Nobody comes near you, you scare them all away

Pretty looking girl sits in solitude all day

Pretty girl what are you thinking?

What thoughts are swirling round your head?

While the sun is slowly sinking, overhead


Can you feel sun is shining, radiating from the sky

Can you see the silver lining, on the clouds as they pass by

Are you missing some lost lover, are you tossed and thrown away

Is that why you dive for cover, sitting silently this way


Pretty girl why aren’t you smiling,

The life and soul of some big crowd

Instead you’re sultry and beguiling


Pretty looking girl steps out of the sea

Wading through the breakers, oblivious to me

Hair dripping water down on to her thigh

Lays on her towel for the sun to kiss her dry

Pretty looking girl soaking up the sun

Doesn’t want attention, shunning everyone

Eyes on the horizon, nose in the air

Pretty looking girl with sand in her hair.


Pretty girl what are your secrets

What are your fears stored up inside

Pretty girl what are the regrets, you’re trying to hide.


Are you running from some shadow, escaping from some raging fire

Dodging from some poison arrow, burning with some heart’s desire

Is there someone you can go to, who is there to comfort you

Is there someone that you know who’ll, be there to stand by you


Pretty girl where are you going

When you walk away from me

Leaving me here never knowing