Nowhere to Run

She joins her housemate sitting at the table in the kitchen,

Swapping tales and drinking tea, discussing schedules on TV

Deciding on, which programme’s best

She pours another from the pot, thinking this guy is really hot

Shifting forward on her chair, she smiles at him, twiddles her hair

And feels the knot, inside her chest

If only she could tell him how she really feels and sod the rest


But she’ll curl up all alone in bed that night and she’ll hold her breath

Listening for the squeaky hinges on his bedroom door

Praying that when he comes home he will be on his own

Then she’ll sleep, like a child once more

Then she’ll sleep, like a child once more


Each morning after breakfast they have coffee sat together

Talk about the day to come, complain about the weather

Till the time comes round to drag herself away.

She leaves for work, planning ahead dramatic scenes inside her head

Practising her words unspoken, how her heart is always broken

Every time he looks the other way

Why is it sometimes that words are often difficult to say.


So she has to force a smile every time he brings a girl back home again

Pretending that she’s happy while her demons rip her up inside

Leaving them discretely, she secretly wonders how to talk to him

But if she did, she’d have nowhere to hide

But if she did, she’d have nowhere to hide


It’s a first class mess, it’s a catch twenty two situation

You’re damned if you do and your damn well damned if you don’t

But you’ve got to grab the bull by the horns and ask the question

Until you do, you’ll never know if he will or he won’t


They often go out just as friends which kind of drives her round the bend

They’ll catch a movie, watch a play, see a band or spend the day

Just chilling out and having fun

She knows that time is running out, she has to act and there’s no doubt

The next girl that he meets could be the one for all eternity

His bride to be, the special one


And she’ll be left upon the shelf regretting what she hadn’t done

But she’s scared that if she tells him how she feels he’ll run away

Or laugh at her behind her back when all is said and done

It’s hard to tell a friend that you’ve stupidly fallen in love with them

‘Cos when you do, you have nowhere to run.

‘Cos when you do, you have nowhere to run.