My Girlfriend’s a Vampire

Yellow is the colour of the sun, when it shines I’m all alone

Red it is the colour of my heart and it bleeds when we’re apart

I’m trapped like a rat in a snare, when I’m with her she’s not always there


My girlfriend’s a vampire and comes out at night

Mixes fashion with passion and up for a bite

She has no reflection on which to reflect

Yes my girlfriend’s a vampire with high intellect


Her eyes they are a jaded shade of green, that glow, on Halloween

Her lips they are a faded shade of blue, cold to touch, chilled right through

She greets me each time with a peck, then I find I’ve a pain in the neck


My girlfriend’s a vampire, I can’t get enough

She’s a sucker for arteries and likes to play rough

She goes where invited and walks with the dead

Yes my girlfriend’s a vampire and I’m easily bled


Her hair it is a ghostly shade of white with a touch of anthracite

Black it is the colour of her soul, black as night, black as coal

I don’t think that it’s strange at all, when she hangs like a bat from the door


My girlfriend’s a vampire, Romanian by birth

And sleeps in a coffin, on Trans’vanian earth

And her skin is as pale as the moon in the sky

Yes my girlfriend’s a vampire, our love cannot die