I’ll Still Love You

Don’t look in my eyes

I don’t want you to see the tears that I cried

Over you today

Don’t look at my face

You’ll see the contempt written there all over the place

Thanks to you today



But this is not the way I feel about you

This is just some issue that I’m working through

This is not the way that we are meant to be

So stick with me

And you will see

That given time

I’ll still love you


Don’t, don’t say a word

There’s not a thing you can say to make things better

I think you’ve said too much today

Don’t, don’t shed a tear

I don’t want to be here in the same room as you

I think you’ve done enough today




Don’t, mention his name

It feels like a knife in my back every time that you say it

Like you have too many times today

Don’t, don’t try to touch me

The thought of you and him it makes my flesh creep

You really broke my heart today