I Can’t Explain

Pinch me, I think I’m dreaming

Shake me, shake me from my tree

Gag me, to stop me screaming

Stop me making a fool out of me

She walks by and the glint in her eye

Flips me upside down, turns me inside out

She’s some girl and her pretty face

She’s so intoxicating that I’m out of my face.


Knock me, ‘cos I’m being bowled over

Slap me, bring me to some sense

Catch me, as I’m falling over

Lead me, to the consequence

She’s the one and she looks so much fun

She brightens up my day, each and every way

In my doughnut, she’s my jam

She muddles me up till I don’t know who I am


Kick me, I’m so distracted

Wake me, from this hypnotic trance

Tell me, I’ve over reacted

Bet me, ‘cos I’ve got a chance

She smiles at me and electricity

Makes the fireworks start and they light up my heart

She moves in near and she breathes in my ear

I feel the same way, where do we go from here?


Tell me, that you want to love me

Hold me in a light restrain

Kiss me, the anticipation

Kills me, like I can’t explain.

I can’t explain, I can’t explain

A love like this I can’t explain.