Forget Me Not

How could you forget, the day that we met,

Holding hands in my pocket on a winter’s day.

How could you not miss, the moment we kissed,

And the tingling chill?

And how could you not, remember the spot,

Where I knelt before you with my heart on my sleeve.

How could you say, you don’t remember the day,

When the earth stood still.



Forget me not, forget me not

Forget me not, forget me not


Do you not recall, the thrill of it all,

When nothing else mattered but each other’s joy.

You cannot refrain, from thinking again,

Of those wild days

Trawl through your mind, to remember the time,

When we treated each other like a treasured toy

Didn’t you ought, to cherish the thought,

We weren’t a passing phase.




People and places the things that we did are

Stuffed in your mind’s suitcase just open the lid


Don’t you recollect the night we got wrecked

Drinking ice cold sambuca in some foreign bar?

Isn’t it strange you can’t remember the name

Of that distant place

How can you overlook, the moments we took

Lying flat on our backs and gazing up at the stars

Why should it be, that when you’re thinking of me

Your mind’s an open space