Final Curtain

Lights flash on the landing, nobody’s at home

Cracks form in the eggshell, where the soul waits on its own

A bitter twisted ending to a novel never told

In condescending language often spoken to the old


The world is claustrophobic, before you realise

Existence is reduced to just a spot before your eyes

Breathing is exhausting, isolation calls

Movement’s slow and laboured before the veil of darkness falls


A lifetime spent with strangers, sitting on your own

The TV no distraction and silent is the phone

The future’s’ been replaced by the dim and distant past

Fleeting thoughts like winter snow melt and never last


Plates lie on the table, biscuits on the floor

Memories disabled, no future anymore

No evidence submitted, no witnesses are called

It’s time to be committed, just before the final curtain falls

Dementia is a cruel disease. It always affects families more than the person experiencing it. It’s even harder when it’s your mum. – Paul