Far Away Land

Watching a ship sail away

To a land that I hope to someday,

Live, with you there beside me

A land where I’m finally free

Where the universe spins around me

With you like the stars to guide me.


You are my guiding light

Whenever you’re in my sight

The future looks warm and bright


The waves lapping up on the shore

Call me to open the door

Closed shut in my mind and follow.

Flying along on a breeze

With nothing to stop me but these

Fears that are blind and shallow.


When I’m there you’ll meet me

Loving me completely

As it is meant to be


At home in that land faraway

The perfect end to each day

I lay with your arms around me

Problems will all disappear

As you whisper my name in my ear

And the warmth from your soul surrounds me


Till that day wait for me

Until eternity

When my ship puts to sea… for you.