Lockdown Songs

Come Out And Play

Some day, I will find you, some time and some way

In the sunshine, I will ask you, if you’ll join me, come and play

It would be rude to presume

That you would want to hear

All the things that I would like to say

I’ll stand there shaking as I  knock upon your door

Just praying that you’ll come out to play

I could text or phone you, but I’ll need to, to be sure.

It would be so, so less scary, than standing, outside your door

I’ll be on some fairground ride

A roller-coaster deep inside

A merry-go-round, helter-skelter tray

Nervously anticipating

Your reaction while I wait to

Ask you the question I’m longing to say

Will you, will you, will you come out to play?

Will you, will you, will you come out to play?

Everybody seems to meet new people online nowadays. If you want to meet someone for a date then you simply log on to Tinder and swipe left and right until you accept someone who also accepts you. When I was thirteen it was a lot more scary. You actually had to ask someone face to face and prepare yourself for rejection. That first experience, that first ‘no’, has scarred me for life. – Paul