Christmas Time In England

It’s warm in by the fire but it’s cold out on the street

My body’s tired my hand are freezing, blisters on my feet

I walk the streets of Bristol like I’ve done each day this year

It’s Christmas time in England and for me it holds no cheer


I’m sick of sitting outside departmental stores at night

Where people shout abuse at me as if I have no right

To sit there with my begging bowl just coppers in my tin

It’s Christmas time in England and the night’s are drawing in.


My mother always used to read the Christmas tale to me

I’d listen quite intently as I sat upon her knee

She said, ‘When you’re a grown man you will share this with your son.’

But it’s Christmas time in England and I haven’t anyone.


As you eat your Christmas dinner of turkey, sprouts and spud

And after cream or brandy butter on your Christmas pud

Me? I’ll have a piece of pizza that someone threw away

It’s Christmas time in England and the cafe’s shut all day


As you decorate your living room, I’ll huddle in my box

It hasn’t central heating, but it’s everything I’ve got

I’ll take a swig of whiskey just to keep the cold at bay

It’s Christmas time in England, Santa Claus is on his way.


As you open up your presents sat around the Christmas tree

With friends and family round you, please pray spare a thought for me

My face may be unshaven and my hair might be a mess

It’s Christmas time in England and the people can’t care less.