Christmas Day

Mother’s getting up early, she’s got a lot on her plate

Turkey goes in the oven, Father’s getting up late

The kids have been up for hours, the living room’s a mess

Mother knocks back the sherry, to help her with the stress

Every year we go through this, it doesn’t get any less


Where did this all begin, this thing called Christmas Day

Something to do with sin and a child led in some hay.

On Christmas Day   On Christmas Day   On Christmas Day


Grandma arrives and starts moaning, mother can’t do anything right

Father’s nipping out to the local, kids are gearing up for a fight

Smoke billows out of the kitchen, the vegetables have all boiled dry

Grandma continues the bitching, mother wants to break down and cry

Father comes home drunk from the boozer, mother dishes up with a sigh


How did it come to this, didn’t the angels say?

“Peace and love to men,” on that first Christmas Day

On Christmas Day    On Christmas Day   On Christmas Day


The kids are starting to riot,

Grandma’s gone to sleep in a chair

Father tells the kids to be quiet,

Mother’s on the verge of despair

A stable long ago, some shepherds came to pray

And wise men brought their gifts, upon that Christmas Day


It’s how we celebrate, the child that came to save

Us mostly from ourselves, when born that Christmas Day

On Christmas Day   On Christmas Day   On Christmas Day

Christmas always amuses me. It’s supposed to be a religious celebration focussing on peace, goodwill and joy. Our secular version has turned it into a downward slide into stress, disappointment, debt and the inevitable family quarrels on Christmas Day. – Paul