Child Inside

Every morning, can’t stop yawning, life is a bore

No more news and the office blues continues some more


Nothing doing, nothing brewing, life is a drag

Uninspired, feeling tired, starting to flag


You’ve got to get back in touch with the child inside

Life is a thrill, come along for the ride

Leap up and down, wave your hands in the air

Poke out your tongue at the boss for a dare

Smile through your troubles ignoring the pain

Jump in the puddles when it’s lashing with rain

Dance in the kitchen, while making your tea

Praising what it’s like to be finally free

Misery, is the life for me, sitting under this cloud

Claustrophobic, there ain’t no kick, wrapped in a shroud


Life is mundane, it’s a right pain, every day

I begrudge the, drudgery and me feeling this way.


You’ve got to reach out and touch the child within

Fun is a game that you’ve got to begin

Knock down some conkers using only a stick

Eat lots of ice cream till you want to be sick

Blow lots of bubbles while you’re having a bath

Skip down the road with your mates for a laugh

Turn out the lights and howl in the dark

Life is more fun when you’re having a lark

Look around you, look at the people with miserable faces.

All they do is rush from one set of problems to the next.

They have no time for others and no time for themselves.

That’s because they’ve lost touch with the child inside.

They confuse being entertained with actually having fun.

My advice to you, is put aside your adult persona.

Open yourself up, find the child inside, and set it free.

Ba ba ba ba…

At what age did we lose the joie de vivre we experienced as children? When was the last time we did something that was child-like? I discovered that even doing something slightly silly, like skipping down the street, gave me enormous pleasure and a massive grin. It’s about time we stopped taking ourselves so seriously. – Paul.