Can’t Sleep


The streetlight casts a shadow of my curtains on the bedroom wall

No matter what I try to do I cannot get to sleep at all

Time loses all meaning as each second seems to last an hour

And in my semi-conscious state the darkness has an eerie

It amplifies the creaking of the house as it is cooling down

Sounding like a prowler on a mission as he creeps around

Paranoia takes a grip, I feel my heart begin to pound

Irrational I tell myself there’s no one else but me around

I can’t sleep tonight, tonight


Tossing and a turning now I’m burning up into a sweat

I can’t find within my mind the reason why I can’t sleep yet.

It’s something that I should have done or something that I should have said

That cause the thoughts to circle endlessly inside my tired head

Sitting in the kitchen sipping coffee as the clock strikes three.

Staring out the window at the night staring back at me

Outside I hear droning in the distance of a speeding car

And shouting from the drunks stumbling home from a local bar.

I can’t sleep tonight, tonight


Above me is the taillight of a plane cutting through the sky

And down below the city yawns a long and contented sigh

There is no point in staying up and so I go back to my bed

And feel relief beyond belief as I lay down my weary head.



Can’t Sleep is one of those songs that have been through a myriad of changes. Dealing with what it’s like to suffer from insomnia and the desperation of not being able to sleep, I’ve spent many hours lying awake thinking of how to improve it. – Paul