Bedminster Parade

Watching TV late at night

Old man gets an awful fright

Car comes crashing through his wall

Stops next to his chair

There’s a hole now eight feet wide

He can feel the cold outside

Ceiling plaster starts to fall

There’s debris everywhere



It’s just another normal day

Just off the Bedminster Parade

Chill out at the Grounded Café

One sip of coffee and your troubles melt away


Smokers at the Barley Mow

Stand outside, it’s freezing cold

There’s nowhere else for them to go

Each morning, half past ten

Supermarket kid alert

Children screaming, no one’s hurt

Parents shout obscenities

Above the piercing din




Kids played at the City Farm

Till someone torched their wooden barn

Play is cancelled, parents fraught

Nothing they can do

Traffic at the roundabout

Backing up, and there’s no doubt

That no one’s going anywhere

They’re all stuck in the queue.



Bedminster is an area of Bristol that is full of life and vitality. When we heard that a lorry drove into a house, demolishing it while the owner sat in his chair watching TV; I just had to write about it along with some other day-to-day happenings that make living in Bedminster so special. – Paul