It seems like your duty

To hide, in plain sight

You can’t hide your beauty

Or the sparkle in your eyes

But when the working day is over

When the sun is in decline

You shed your work skin like a pullover

And then you shine

Then you shine


You can’t, hide your secret

‘Cos the world’s in,  love with you

Don’t be, ashamed of beauty

For there’s nothing you can do

And when I see you move on the dance floor

I see a woman of her time

A glimpse of what you may be destined for

And you’re devine

You’re devine, you’re devine

And you shine

And you shine

And you shine

Anna is one of the truly beautiful people. Everyone loves her. There is nothing not to love. She’s sweet, kind and always puts other first. When she smiles the planets align and the world seems a better place.  Every one loves her, except Anna. She rejects compliments as she considers them untruths. We all know an Anna. One day, Anna and people like her will inherit the earth  – Paul