I was a good for nothing, living in a sleepy market town

Devoid of all ambition, except to maybe settle down

Working for a living, not really giving my best

Life was what I made it, and I was just making a mess


I was quite contented, life was a joy ride, such a breeze

Circumnavigated my responsibilities.

Living in a dream land, I schemed and I planned nothing more

I didn’t have a clue, about you or what life had in store.


Angela descended from winter’s skies

Turned my life upside, opened my eyes

Angela, you touched my soul

You made me something, you made me whole.


You made me something, you made whole

Reached out touched me, freeing my soul

Moulded and changed me, opened my heart

You came down from heaven, and blew me apart


What can I say about Angela? I was literally living a dead end life before she came into it. Since then she has been my rock and a constant source of encouragement. She has also been known to kick my arse when needed. – Paul