Do you miss our conversations?

Do you miss the things I said?

Do you miss me softly sighing

When you’re lying, gently crying in our bed?


Do you miss our confrontations?

Do you miss having to share?

Do you miss the revelations?

All those questions without meaning

Always leaning to conclusions, resolutions

Do you miss them, now I’m not there?


Do you miss me sat beside you?

Do you miss my company?

Do you miss the sound of laughter, feeling happy, ever after

Like you’re soaring, to the heavens

Like an eagle, across the blue sky, over oceans, mighty deserts

To a castle, in the mountains?

Now we’re free

Like a spirit, you and me.


Conversations, along with “Listen”, were a pair of songs written for a concert in aid of peace. During the First World War soldiers wrote a letter that would only be sent home if anything happened to them. Conversations is such a letter. It was written just after I’d been to see a concert of Ennio Morricone. You can hear the influence. – Paul